About Company

Our core services are Software Development, Business Consulting & IT solutions in Digital Transformation, Data Services, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Applications development, Business Process Management, Quality Assurance, Cloud Computing to Infrastructure Management. We are techies with the right techniques to revamp businesses! Germinate Technologies understands the evolution of technology and accepts it as an integral part of future businesses.

Our Vision

We see ourselves as a globally recognized force which creates sustainable technology solutions that improve the quality of life throughcreative approach and innovative challenges

Our Story

To use technology in innovative ways, to provide cutting-edge solutions and value-added services to customers, stakeholders, and the wider community.

Our Approach

  • Understanding the client’s expectation and business requirement
  • Creating value for every business
  • Understanding the business principles
  • Looking out for innovative technology
  • Delivering effective solutions
  • Our Commitment
  • To develop innovative technologies
  • Provide high-quality solutions
  • Offer a great working environment
  • To support national and international level charities

Our Skill

We have extensive & in-depth knowledge be it Application Development our experience in managing technology projects implementing information technology solutions has shown results

How we work

In our process we always focus on quality, testing and want to deliver good software on time. In order to support these requirements we use many different tools and have a special workflow for development tasks. When you come to us with your idea, we want to fully meet your expectations. Your contribution to the project management process is very important and allows us to create a valuable product together.

We examine your needs – from the analysis, through the development. Regardless of whether you want to start a new project or scale an existing one, we know what to do and we want to help you bring your vision to life.

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Managed Services


Business Intelligence & Analytics


Big Data / Analytics


Embedded systems and Applications


Our services

We delivers digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity. This is the future of work.

Software Design & Development

Germinate Technologies has a Delivery Centre that can cater for large scale software development, customization, configuration and maintenance services to both Indian and International customers

Managed Services

Managed Services allows businesses to offload IT operations to a service provider. The managed service provider assumes an ongoing responsibility for 24-hour monitoring

Outsourced Help Desk Services

In a world of tough competition, an outstanding help desk service can help your business stand out from the crowd. However, finding the right IT talents to operate your help desk

Professional Services

Germinate Technologies flexible professional services are designed to fit your business needs. With the option for insourcing and outsourcing arrangements, we can help you effectively manage your business.

Intelligence & Analytics

In the information age, we have access to a wealth of data and information. However, making sense of this data can be overwhelming. Business Intelligence and Analytic tools are able to dissect and connect relevant data

Technology Consulting

We have vast experience in various types of IT solutions and projects. Our cross-sector expertise and global insights help companies compete and thrive where innovation is both an opportunity and a threat

we'll one over Years of experience you always the best guidance

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