Embedded systems and Applications


An embedded system is an electronic or computer system that is designed to control, access the data in electronics based systems. Embedded system comprises a single chip microcontroller such as ARM, Cortex,and also FPGAs, microprocessors, ASICs and DSPs. In the present times, the usage of embedded systems is widespread. But the software which is programmed into the microcontroller is capable of solving only a limited range of problems.

Enterprise Applications


Germinate Technolgies is an end-to-end ERP solution for every industry that drives business growth. We provide flexible, adaptable, and industry-specific Cloud ERP software that is designed around the needs of our manufacturing, Project-based, and service industry clients. ERP software often includes customer relationship management, but companies may also find custom module combinations to fit their needs.

Product Lifecycle Management


One of the natural ways many experts are suggesting that we manage and use this data is with product life cycle management (PLM) theory and software. With its ability to help organize disparate development strategies, information, and capabilities, PLM has huge potential to scale. This would also allow all stakeholders in a product’s life cycle to see how the product is performing and how it’s being used in real time, without waiting for customers to report on it. This in turn vastly improves PLM.

Big Data / Analytics


However, in today’s market, the term "big data" rarely projects a particular size of data set. The importance of big data doesn’t revolve around how much data you have, but how you manage it. It tends to refer, progressive data analytics approaches that fetches significance from data.

Mobility and Cloud


To meet the specific and ever-growing needs of customers, we engaged in providing our esteemed clients with Cloud Computing Solutions. We provide these services to the customers with latest market innovation and technological advancement. We are providing an efficient and highly effective solutions.

IT Security


Germinate expert team of penetration testers simulates a real-world attack on your networks, applications, gadgets, and additionally individuals to exhibit the level of security in your infrastructure and effectively work upon the ways to take it to the next level

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